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Railtown: The Fight for the Los Angeles Metro Rail and the Future of the City, by Prof. Ethan N. Elkind, JD - the Book Club's first selection

(July 2016), and the official Book Club logo.

The Book Club becomes the Reading Club, effective 01 Janaury!


Began July 2016, TransportiCA's Book Club features monthly selections true to our mission of sustainable transport, as well as, covering a variety of additional and related transport elements: infrastructure and resiliency, transit-oriented development, smart growth, and smart cities, shared mobility services, intelligent transportation systems, and many others!

Each month, when we announce the selection, we also have a contest consisting of three questions pertaining to the publication's author.  Whose ever name is randomly drawn with all three correct answers wins a copy of the selection. (This contest is NOT limited to U.S. residents; we all benefit from global insights, and TransportiCA greatly appreciates our followers abroad!)

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the selections, and its amazing content.  Questions for this month's Book Club selection contest are located below the month's selection photo.

For further information, please contact us at info[at], and feel free to follow us on Twitter @TransCABookClub!

Monthly TransportiCA Book Club Sponsorship Opportunities | En Español

California Green Academy's Policy on TransportiCA's Book Club Selections | En Español

TransportiCA's New Book Club Selection Calendar | En Español

TransportiCA Book Club's "Year-of-the-Female Author" Campaign | En Español

Official Campaign News Release | En Español

Reflections on TransportiCA's "Year of the Female Author" Campaign | En Español

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